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Are you looking for business advancement? career opportunities abroad, perfect match for marriage? Excellent compatibility between family members Good career opportunities, then you have reached the right place. With our Numerology, Vastu, Feng Shui and Sound Energy healings you can achieve all this and even more. M A Raja is a renowned name in divine science , considered one of the top Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Feng Shui and Sound healing expert in South India. He has extensively traveling across the India contributing the best Vaastu remedies for complex infrastructure designs. Research, develop and worked towards best practicies in Feng Shui positive energy flow for Home, personal and commercial space. Sound Energy Healing and hormonious positive life style.

Residing in Hyderabad, available across Sound India. We deal with Numerology, Vastu, Feng Shui, Nameology and Sound healing energies. We help creating positive vibrations with the help of various vedic, traditional and trusted practices and help transforming new spirits in life. Experience the Difference

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Ancient scientific methods to remove the occults/energies thus creating strong positive energy. Read More


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Top 10 Vastu Signs to Look for while buying Flats and Apartments

Top 10 Vastu Signs to Look for while buying Flats and Apartments

Vastu is primary element to be considered while planning to buy a flat or apartment or even when you are looking to rent out a flat. The most common misconception while buying or renting flat - apartment is vastu is for constructions directly on the ground and not for the flats above the ground level which is completely false. Any construction with the base rooted on the ground need to adhere to the common principles and good holding practices of vastu.

Vasu Shastra actually helps us balance the energies at our home, surroundings no matter if it is flat, office, apartment or farm house.  Here are some tips to look for while buying or renting out an apartment or flat.

1.       Water bodies or water tanks of the apartments placed in north east or North directions only. avoid constructions with water bodies in the South or West direction.
2.       North-East, East, North entrance are prosperous, South West and West direction are less preferred unless mandatory.
3.       Main entrance of the apartment building in the North East, North or East is good structure for positive energy vibes. West Entrance is not preferred unless mandatory.
4.       building structures, apartment, and flats need to be either square or rectangular shape. Odd shaped buildings are not favorable for living unless until well-studied by professional vastu consultant

5.       West and south west entrances are considered not so lucky and may draw some negative energies. Be aware of it and check before entering these flats.
6.       Main door should not directly face the apartment lift door
7.       Kitchen should be in South-East (Agneya) if not an option North west can be considered.
8.       More or open space in North East or East is good for positive energy flow. It is also considered lucky
9.       Doors and Windows count should be even, meaning (doors + Windows = even number).
10.   Pooja Mandir placed in North East is good.

Consider buying or rent apartments with completely covered boundary wall. Water storages, bore and tanks in the North East part of the place. Considering the city pollution and traffic - proper ventilation, some greenery, place to walk around your apartment will make your health better.

Sri Namo Vastu Consultant provides vastu advice and helps you get a blessed happy home. Vastu complaint house is a home of health, wealth and prosperity. Apart from Vastu, we also provide help you in removing the negative clutters through Feng Shui.  The best part being Sri Namo VAstu consultant is available in most of the cities in South India with head office in Hyderabad.

NOTE – Have a Vastu doubt for your Home, apartment or living place– Drop a comment/ send an email and get answered by an expert! Our Expert Shri M A. Raja– a Vastu and Feng Shui consultant with numerous years of practice and experience, will reply to your queries! He is also the famous Numerologist who has successfully helped a wide array of clients.

Names for new born and little ones

Naming at times become so tricky for parents for their new just born. A good name is the best and first gift a parent can give to their little ones. Name is not just a word, its the vibrational energy which carries throughout the life.

As per research, the sound vibrations produced by the alphabets in a name, their phonetics will create an impact in the life patterns of those individual. Name has its own vibrations when calculated with their date of birth, time and place of birth. The predictive science of names and numbers which associates with astrology in numerology/ nameology. We help in determining that perfect name for our little ones. Gift them the best name, leading to a successful future.

·         Get your new born names calculated now, and get the expert opinion:
·         Make it a lucky name for your just born
·         Be it an Indian Ethnic baby boy name or fancy baby girl name

Reach us now and get advised - Call now +91 8019334690

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Feng Shui Products available online

Various Feng Shui Products available online

Recently we could see various Feng shui products available online on major ecommerce websites. Though buying them over the internet is not a problem but without the consultation of the Feng Shui expert placing them according to your wish might not lead to any good.

Placing these elements at right places will only be advised by the right expert who knows the indepth concept of how, where and when to place the Feng Shui products. Merely buying them and placing as per some internet articles might not also help you. Every house is different, every office is different, every place plan and energy flow is different.

Till the time you know very well how to use the Feng shui product/element in the right place...how can it resolve and remove the energy clutters available.

For consultation on how to use the below products/ Feng shui elements, contact expert Sri Raja - srinamoraja@gmail.com

Some of the Feng Shui products available online are

Feng  Shui Bamboo Plant 

Feng Shui Lucky Bell

Feng Shui Crystal Turtle

Feng Shui Education Tower

Feng Shui Elephant and Frog

Feng Shui Tortoises

Feng Shui Metal tortoise for luck

Feng Shui Energy Pyramid

Feng Shui Expert in Hyderabad

Get appoint and transform your lives with Feng Shui

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Here comes the most happening moment of Ayyappas, experience the magic of ayyappa swamy maha Padi Pooja – For the first time in history of Padi Pooja and Ayyappa Bhajana – Here is the time to be part of the first ever Maha Mega Padi Pooja – the unimaginable extreme expression of Ayyappa devotion dedicated to the reveres lord AYYAPPA  Swamy

Padi Pooja (Pathinettapadi Pooja) the most revered sacred pooja done by Ayyappa in Deeksha, the pooja is done to the Pathinettapadi (18 divine steps) laid before the Sanctum Sanctorium. This not only significant prominence in Deeksha but also has tremendous sentiment, bhakti and energy attached to Ayyappa devotees. The power and energy, emotion and sentiment in Padi Pooja is not express able in words, it can only be felt once you witness the powerful Pooja.

For the very first time ever in universe, 108 Padi Pooja’s all at one place – doesn’t it sound just exciting. How powerful could be, beyond words and expressions.


The historical Pooja event in the entire millennium – Very first time happening in Hyderabad. If you are around Telangana, Hyderabad – try being a part of this wonderful divine event. 108 Padi Pooja at one place, the bajans will surely leave you with the most enthralling moments of your life. Experience the lord Ayyappa within you, around you and everywhere in the universe.

This is supposed to be recorded as a Guinness book record event – Event details as follows.

Event details:
Event theme - 108 Padi Pooja at one place
Location: N. T. R Stadium, Opp Indira park, Hyderabad
Date: 3rd Dec 2017
Time: Pooja starts at 6.03PM


·         Sree Maha Ganapati Pooja / Lord Ganesha Pooja

·         Sree Subrahmanya Pooja

·         Sree Ayyappa Swamy Sahasra Namavali ( 1008 names)

·         Sharanu gosha

·         Bhajana

·         Padi pooja / Pooja

·         Mantra Pushpam

·         Sree Ayyappa Pancharatnalu

·         Harivarasanam

·         Alphaharam (light food )

To be part of this wonderful magnanimous event, and book your place – try to be there around 4.30 PM. This is free entry place, no restrictions.

Specialties of Maha padi pooja

·         Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy tantric/ Archaka is going to be there

·         Pandala Raju heir is going to be there

·         108 guru swamis, 1008 lights lit up

·         108 Guru swamis performing rituals to the lord Ayyappa Swamy

This whole event is organized by (SASS) –


(Contact numbers mentioned in the pdf attachment)

New Year Calendar 2018 - 2019 Free Download

New Year Calendar 2018 - 2019 

Download new year calendar 2018 available in image and PDF format. You can individually download each month or can download as in whole year calendar.

This calendar has all your favorite deities and can be downloaded by Hindus in India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, |America and South Africa. This calender also has a day-day planner activity space, important festivals of year 2018, national holidays of year 2018 noted for quick reference.

Free download of full calendar of 2018 - Indian calendar 2018- PDF Format

For Image format or individual month download, please scroll down and continue downloading.

Download New Year Calender for the month of January 2018 - 2019

Download New Year Calender for the month of Febraury 2018 - 2019

Click here - Download New Year Calender for the month of March 2018 - 2019

Download New Year Calender for the month of April 2018 - 2019

 Download New Year Calender for the month of  May 2018 - 2019

 Download New Year Calendar for the month of  June 2018 - 2019

Download New Year Calendar for the month of  July 2018 - 2019

 Download New Year Calendar for the month of  October 2018 - 2019 

 Download New Year Calendar for the month of  November 2018 - 2019 

Free download of full calendar of 2018 - Indian calendar 2018 with national holidays and festivals.
Hindu calendar

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Soon to come calendars
Telugu panchangam calendar 2018
Marriage and auspicious days 2018
Muhurtham days and timings 2018
Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam calendars 2018 will be soon available too.
Vastu calender 2018

Download whole calendar as PDF..this would consist all the 12 months in printable format.

Hinduism – As A Religion- Principles and belief

Hinduism – As A Religion- Principles and belief

By Ajay Swamy
Hinduism is recognized as a religion older than any religion existing on this planet. It is referred as Sanatana dharma (The oldest dharma) followed till date. Hinduism is an organized religion in itself with very systematic approach, vision and purpose of deeds. Hinduism has a strong human-god connectivity system compared to any other religion.

Unlike other religions Hindus are always at liberty of worshipping god throughout the week, there is no specific weekday for gatherings or prayers. Every day of the week is considered auspicious and rituals are done in every temple – 365 days long. Hindus religious practices might differ a bit based on community, caste, regional and deity specific influences but overall principles are rituals are followed and based out of the sacred scriptures called Vedas.

Around 2 billion Hindu devotees and believers across the globe follow Hindu rituals based on their ancestral interpretation, though not much deviation from the rest of the world. Hinduism is regarded as the most ancient, realistic, true religion even after undergoing severe attacks from other religions and cultures since ages. Ramayana, Mahabharat, Bhagavad Gita have slight variations across the world, but the key details on Karma, Dharma and righteous principles in all the holly books are the same and hold strong in Hindus day to day life.
Some key beliefs shared among Hindus

  • Body is mortal but the soul is immortal.
Hindus strongly believes that body has death not the athman (soul) which lives even after death and takes another body to live. Athma or soul is neither created nor destroyed, once dead the soul will take a new born body based on its deeds and consequences in earlier birth.

Hindus believes that life and death are inevitable until the soul attains mosksha (final liberation)

  • Karma and its consequences.
Hindus believe about karma (deeds). Bad karma gives bad results, good karma gives good results. The consequences we face in our life are the results of the work/deed we did in this life or our earlier birth.
Karma is a boomerang, what you give; you will get it back for sure. Good karma helps you to liberate your soul and reach moksha.

  • The God is omnipresent.
Hindus relics and sentiments are based on the ideology that God is omnipresent. The God who created the whole universe, glaxay, stars, humans, every beauty in this nature is also present in every bit of the universe. Carrying this belief, Hindus tend to treat every living creature to be precious and every human being to be another form of God.

Every atom carries the magnificence of the creator hence to be treated with same respect and love as if the creator is present in every bit of it. Hindu relics, scriptures and transcripts support this stating the God made humans in his/her form.

  • Dharma is the path to follow.
Understanding the concept of dharma helps you understand the real essence of Hindu faith and belief. Unfortunately, no single English word adequately covers its meaning. Dharma can be described as right conduct, righteousness, moral law and duty.

“ Dharmao rakshithe rakshithaha “

Anyone who follows dharma will be protected by dharma. One should follow dharma and strive to do what is right at every steop of his life. Unless you read the scriptures it’s a bit tough to understand how dharma varies from situation to situation.

  • Bhagavad Gita – Explains every question of life.
Bhagavad Gita seems to have every solution for humanly problems, issues and concerns. Gita explains in-depth of karma, dharma and moksha. Unfortunately the experience of reading gita cannot be explained in words, one has to experience it. Lord sree Krishna explains Arjuna about the principles of life.

Just to add an example of the Gita, here is a small verse which depicts the life and death.

“ jatasya hi dhruvo mrityur
dhruvam janma mrtasya caa
tasmad apariharye ’rthe
na tvam socitum arhasi “

On Translation: "One who has taken his birth is sure to die, and after death one is sure to take birth again. Therefore, in the unavoidable discharge of your duty, you should not lament.

Karthika Masa ( KarthikaMasam ) - Tulsi Tulasi Pooja process and procedure 2017- 2018

Karthika Masa ( KarthikaMasam ) 2017 – 2018 Wednesday

Ksheerabdhi Dwadashi – November 1, 2017
Sunrise: 6:14 AM
Sunset: 5: 44 PM
Month: Karthikeyam  (కార్తీకము)
Paksham – Shulkapaksham (శుక్లపక్షం)

As we know whole kartika masa (Karthika masam) is auspicious and every day has its own importance, today i.e. November 1, 2017 is considered to be holy and Tulasivratam is being done at every house who wishes to be worship Lordess Laxmi devi ( for health, wealth and prosperity)
In certain (Lord Vishnu) temples, Tulasi damodhara kalyanam is done ritually wherein the marriage rituals will be done between Amla -Usiri  -Gooseberry branch and Tulasi branch. This marriage event is considered virtuous act and the blessed to see this would be relieved from all worldly sins.
Amla or Usiri resembling lord Vishnu and Tulasi / Tulsi tree resembling Godess Lakshmi devi.  Worshipping them with all your mind and soul today will not only prosper your situation but it also considered virtuous act equal to visiting all the pilgrims in a day.
If you are not able to visit nearby Vishnu temple, you can worship Tulasi with a Usiri /Amla/Gooseberry branch at your tulasikota.

Procedure for Tulasi Kota Puja
  1.  Clean the tulasikota and decorate it muggu
  2.  Since it’s a favourite day of Lord Vishnu and Laxmidevi, decorate near Tulasikota with Shanka, Chakra (Muggu)

  1.        Decorate Tulasikota with turmeric ( Pasupu) and KumKum, lit a lamp with 12 threads in it.
  2. (Ensure the number of threads in the lamp are 12 – Vathulu)
  3.        Since it’s a favourite day of Lord Vishnu and Laxmidevi, decorate near Tulasikota with Shanka, Chakra (Muggu)
  4. Hymn TulasiAstotharasathanamavali, if not a simple verse of tulasinamam is good as well
  5. Thambulam, offering Bettle leaves with beattle nuts
  6. Flowers and rose water offerings – Pushanm, paneeru, and pradakshinam
  7. KarpuraArati –camphor  lighting

శ్రీ  తులసి ప్రదక్షిణ మంత్రం
Sri Tulasi Pradaksina Mantra

yani kani ca papani;
brahma-hatyadikani ca;
tani tani pranasyanti;
pradaksinah pade pade.

 9.      Head of the family offering prayers to tulasi kota will lead to health, wealth and prosperity of the whole family.

10.   Participating as a whole family - Parents and kids in this TulasiUsiri Puja not only enhances the richness of the virtuous act but as well let the younger generations know the essence of our rich hindu traditions and process.

In this fast paced technology race, it’s the duty of every parent to teach the kids (next generations) the value of Hinduism.  Respecting a woman, respecting mother, respecting father and respecting teacher…unless it is not taught from the younger age, your kids might not be a real asset to the Hindu samajam.

Dharmorakshithe, rakshitaha

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