5 Things Must to do today - Kartika Masa Monday - Karthika Somavaram
This Kartika Monday 30, October 2017 - Karthika Somavaramam 

Five things Must to do this Kartika Somavaram

1) Lighting lamps, Deepa Aradhana - Lit an lamp with cow ghee in any Shivalayam (Lord Shiva Temple). Lighting 365 lamps is very good - 365 resembling each day of the year and it is believed that doing so will remove or lessen the evil in day to day life.

2) Rudhrabhishekam or Shiva Lingarachana - Lingarchanam in a temple, with panchamurtam - The composition of five liquids ( Cow ghee + Ganges water +Curd + Milk + Honey)

3) Fasting (Upavasa Deeksha) - Fasting till evening, once after pooja before evening, light a lamp and have a meal. This is believed to be of one sacred principle to follow in karthika masam especially on monday.

4) Hymn Lord shiva mantra - Shivanama Sthuthi - Chant Shivanamam as many times as possible. Any odd number between 11 to 1116 would be great. No specific time required, do it from wherever possible. Devotees believe that shivanamasmaranam will remove all the evil within us and blessed with good thoughts.

5) Donating food - Annadhanam - Feed the hungry - Donate food for the poor and needs, you will be blessed with abundant prosperity and health.  If cannot donate it to people, atleast feed some birds or animals.

For Business Growth - Do fasting today, chant - OM NAMAH SHIVAYA as many times as possible. You will get the blessings of lord shiva and get best results in your business prospects.

For Family prosperity- Headbath and Shivarchana at home, worshipping with five kind of flowers and five kind of liquids (Panchamrutam) will give good results for your family peace, prosperity and wealth

For Wish to come true- Worship lord shiva with beattle leaves and beattle nuts in any nearby temple (Tambulam). Worship with a oil lamp chanting lord shiva's mantra. Feed any animal at or nearby your home. Your wish will come true.

For Individual prosperity - for individual health, wealth and prosperity. Worship shiva and vishnu at nearby temple. Do Rudrabhishekam if possible. Offer food for atleast 5 poor people, if not atleast one. Feed the hungry and you will get a blessed life.

For Everyone - Worship lord shiva ( Shiva nama sthuthi) to your best, this monday (Kartika somavaram) contains the holiness of the entire year. Worship with your mind, soul and get blessed by the lord.

Hari Hara Mahadeva.... Shambo Shankara -------Om Namah Shivaya

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