Ayyapa Swamy Mala dharanam Mantram, rules in Telugu and English

Ayyapa swamy deeksha has some rules, process and procedures. Below i am going to list out the core activities, procedures, process and mantas involved in Swamy Mala dharana process. Guru swamy take cares of the mala dharana, irumudi, and leads the rest of the swamy throughout the process of the deeksha. The duration of mala dharana (deeksha) depends on individuals but usually it is 41 days or above, which is called Mandala. The time of mala dharana is usually from mid of October i.e. after diwali till makara jyothi i.e. time of makara sankranthi.

"Swamiye Sharanam Ayyapa...Hariharasutan anadha chitan Ayyapa Swamiye ...Sharanam Ayyapa"

Ayyapa Swamy Mala Dharana Mantram

Gnanamudra Sastramudra Gurumudra Namamyaham
Vanamudram Sruddhamudram Rudhramudram Namamyaham
Shanti Mudram Satya Mudram Vratha Mudram Namamyaham
Sabaryemasatyena, Mudram Patu Shatpime
Gurudakshinaya purvam tasyanugrahakarine
Sharanagathe Chandramukyam, Tanmudhram dharayamyaham
Chinmandhreke chareemudram, bhadramudram namamayaham
shabaryachala mudrayai namastubyam namonamah
asatadashamahastraram shastra darshana karanam
Vidhitham shudha mutkrusytam, sannidhanam namamyaham
vurrijam vaa puramchaivaa, bhairavadhvanna sevitham
vishnumayanvitham, shastra parivaram namamyaham

                                                     Swamiye Sharanam Ayyapa...

Rules of Deeksha - ( Deeksha Niyamalu)

Deeksha rules are same for anyone and everyone who wear the ayyapa mala through Guru swamy. There might be slight varation for different parts of people in India who take ayyapa swamy mala deeksha but most of the things remain unchanged.Here are some niyamalu
Though rules look tough a bit, the whole process will transform a different individual with a better understanding of humanity, love and effection. The hardship faced in this deeksha makes you more stronger to handle situations at ease. The physical workshop undergone not only makes individual strong physically but also makes you strong mentally.

1. Ayyapa swamy should wear black dress only. Guru swamy wears orange dress, who is authorized to lead a team of swamies with him on the sabarimala yatra. Guru swamy is generally referred to swamy who has taken the mala deeksha atleast 5 times, (earlier times it used to be 18 times).
2. Wake-up at 4:00 AM ( Brahma - gadiya), daily - cleansing mind and body. Head bath 2 times a day, before sunrise and before sunset.

3. Bath with cold water only, preferrably river dip followed by spiritual humming 

3. Should complete Ayyapa swamy pooja before 6 A.M ( precisely before sun rise) Suryodhayam 

4. Strictly no smoking, drinking alcohol, Pan, gutka any habits which are not good for health and spirtituality

5. Food - No onions, ginger, garlic 
                No hot spicy, masala or street foods.
                No non-veg
                Preferred self cooked food; if not possible atleast cooked food by other swamy/ family 

6. Swamy should not see any girl or woman who hit puberty, should not think or involve in any physical contact with women

7. No haircut, no cutting of nails, and no foot wear

8. Should not sleep in the afternoon.

9. Should eat limited - 2 sessions per day i.e. one time meals (biksha) and one time tiffins (alpaharam)

10. Should control the basic human emotions of anger, anxiety, curiosity, frustration, lust, desire, jealousy, etc

11. Should treat and love every human as a form of god - should call men Swamy and woman as Mata

12. Should sleep only on floor with a basic floor mat with no extra comfort.

Hope covered all the crucial rules and process of ayyamala dharanam. A person taking swamy deeksha will be blessed with abundance and completeness. Have seen swamies taking mala more than 18-20 times, though it suprises a bit. Ayyapa deeksha is very powerful and you will be blessed with your wish for your sure. I have seen tons of examples just around me.

I am sure you will be delighted with the feeling of being an swamy one day. God bless you all...
Swamiye Sharanam Ayyapa...

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