Karthika Masa ( KarthikaMasam ) - Tulsi Tulasi Pooja process and procedure 2017- 2018
Karthika Masa ( KarthikaMasam ) 2017 – 2018 Wednesday

Ksheerabdhi Dwadashi – November 1, 2017
Sunrise: 6:14 AM
Sunset: 5: 44 PM
Month: Karthikeyam  (కార్తీకము)
Paksham – Shulkapaksham (శుక్లపక్షం)

As we know whole kartika masa (Karthika masam) is auspicious and every day has its own importance, today i.e. November 1, 2017 is considered to be holy and Tulasivratam is being done at every house who wishes to be worship Lordess Laxmi devi ( for health, wealth and prosperity)
In certain (Lord Vishnu) temples, Tulasi damodhara kalyanam is done ritually wherein the marriage rituals will be done between Amla -Usiri  -Gooseberry branch and Tulasi branch. This marriage event is considered virtuous act and the blessed to see this would be relieved from all worldly sins.
Amla or Usiri resembling lord Vishnu and Tulasi / Tulsi tree resembling Godess Lakshmi devi.  Worshipping them with all your mind and soul today will not only prosper your situation but it also considered virtuous act equal to visiting all the pilgrims in a day.
If you are not able to visit nearby Vishnu temple, you can worship Tulasi with a Usiri /Amla/Gooseberry branch at your tulasikota.

Procedure for Tulasi Kota Puja
  1.  Clean the tulasikota and decorate it muggu
  2.  Since it’s a favourite day of Lord Vishnu and Laxmidevi, decorate near Tulasikota with Shanka, Chakra (Muggu)

  1.        Decorate Tulasikota with turmeric ( Pasupu) and KumKum, lit a lamp with 12 threads in it.
  2. (Ensure the number of threads in the lamp are 12 – Vathulu)
  3.        Since it’s a favourite day of Lord Vishnu and Laxmidevi, decorate near Tulasikota with Shanka, Chakra (Muggu)
  4. Hymn TulasiAstotharasathanamavali, if not a simple verse of tulasinamam is good as well
  5. Thambulam, offering Bettle leaves with beattle nuts
  6. Flowers and rose water offerings – Pushanm, paneeru, and pradakshinam
  7. KarpuraArati –camphor  lighting

శ్రీ  తులసి ప్రదక్షిణ మంత్రం
Sri Tulasi Pradaksina Mantra

yani kani ca papani;
brahma-hatyadikani ca;
tani tani pranasyanti;
pradaksinah pade pade.

 9.      Head of the family offering prayers to tulasi kota will lead to health, wealth and prosperity of the whole family.

10.   Participating as a whole family - Parents and kids in this TulasiUsiri Puja not only enhances the richness of the virtuous act but as well let the younger generations know the essence of our rich hindu traditions and process.

In this fast paced technology race, it’s the duty of every parent to teach the kids (next generations) the value of Hinduism.  Respecting a woman, respecting mother, respecting father and respecting teacher…unless it is not taught from the younger age, your kids might not be a real asset to the Hindu samajam.

Dharmorakshithe, rakshitaha

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