Valmiki Sampoorna Ramayana, Ramayanam available in Telugu and English translated from Sanskrit

The Ramayana is the epic written by Valmiki, narrating the life of prabhu Sri Rama and his self righteous deeds against odds of life, and his legendary truthful pathway. Ramayana ( Ramayanam ) is one of the world's ancient and largest epic in the history of the man kind. Hindu devotees across the world believe that there are enough evidence representing the existence of Ayodhya (the capital of Kosala Kingdom) and Lanka (place where Sita has been kept after kidnapped by Ravana). There are quite lot of historical evidence and resemblance to prove the epic actually took place. Valimiki Ramayana is termed as adi-kavya ( world's first poem) as well largest epic consisting off 24000 slokas, divided into seven kandas. The true purpose of the Ramayana is to awaken its reader spiritually to lead a path of dharma( righteousness).

 (Valmiki Ramanayam Telugu version- వాల్మీకి రామాయణం - Read online | వాల్మీకి రామాయణం - Download )

Below are the details of seven Kandas and the narration it supports in the epic.

1. Bala kanda
Describes from birth of lord rama, his childhood, killing of demons, Sita swayamvaram and marriage.
2. Ayodhya Kanda
Describes the Ramas coronation, kaikayi's wishes, Dasharatha rama parting, and exiling into the forest. 

3. Aranya Kanda
Describes Rama, laxmana and sita lifestyle in forest, and goes till ravana kidnapping of sita.

4. Kishkinda Kanda 
After sita being kidnapped, the search of rama laxmana for sita and meeting Hanuman, sugriva and killing Vali.

5. Sundara Kanda
Sundarakanda narrates the gurubhakti of Sri Hunaman, finding Sita and conveying it to Rama.

6. Yuddha Kanda
Describes from the prepatation of war between Lord Rama and Ravana and killing of Ravana.
7. Uttara Kanda.
Describes about the duo lava kusha birth to Sita in forest, their meeting with Lord Rama.

Hinduism speaks a lot about the Lord Rama. He is considered to be Purushotham ( purusha and uttama) which means best of all man kind. Ramanaya being oldest epic has several versions in other countries like combodia, Thai, filipino, Lao, Burmese and Malaysia. It is also present in several languages across the globe though the valmiki ramanaya was originally ascribed in Sanskrit. Just to add, sanskrit is considered deva basha ( language of gods).


Click here to download Bala kanda
Click here to download Ayodhya Kanda (Purvardh) 
Click here to download Ayodhya Kanda (Uttarardh)
Click here to download Aranya Kanda 
Click here to download Kishkinda Kanda 
Click here to download Sundara Kanda
Click here to download Yuddha Kanda (Purvardh) 
Click here to download Yuddha Kanda (Uttarardh)
Click here to download Uttara Kanda (Purvardh) 
Click here to download Uttara Kanda (Uttarardh)

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