Top 10 Vastu Signs to Look for while buying Flats and Apartments
Top 10 Vastu Signs to Look for while buying Flats and Apartments

Vastu is primary element to be considered while planning to buy a flat or apartment or even when you are looking to rent out a flat. The most common misconception while buying or renting flat - apartment is vastu is for constructions directly on the ground and not for the flats above the ground level which is completely false. Any construction with the base rooted on the ground need to adhere to the common principles and good holding practices of vastu.

Vasu Shastra actually helps us balance the energies at our home, surroundings no matter if it is flat, office, apartment or farm house.  Here are some tips to look for while buying or renting out an apartment or flat.

1.       Water bodies or water tanks of the apartments placed in north east or North directions only. avoid constructions with water bodies in the South or West direction.
2.       North-East, East, North entrance are prosperous, South West and West direction are less preferred unless mandatory.
3.       Main entrance of the apartment building in the North East, North or East is good structure for positive energy vibes. West Entrance is not preferred unless mandatory.
4.       building structures, apartment, and flats need to be either square or rectangular shape. Odd shaped buildings are not favorable for living unless until well-studied by professional vastu consultant

5.       West and south west entrances are considered not so lucky and may draw some negative energies. Be aware of it and check before entering these flats.
6.       Main door should not directly face the apartment lift door
7.       Kitchen should be in South-East (Agneya) if not an option North west can be considered.
8.       More or open space in North East or East is good for positive energy flow. It is also considered lucky
9.       Doors and Windows count should be even, meaning (doors + Windows = even number).
10.   Pooja Mandir placed in North East is good.

Consider buying or rent apartments with completely covered boundary wall. Water storages, bore and tanks in the North East part of the place. Considering the city pollution and traffic - proper ventilation, some greenery, place to walk around your apartment will make your health better.

Sri Namo Vastu Consultant provides vastu advice and helps you get a blessed happy home. Vastu complaint house is a home of health, wealth and prosperity. Apart from Vastu, we also provide help you in removing the negative clutters through Feng Shui.  The best part being Sri Namo VAstu consultant is available in most of the cities in South India with head office in Hyderabad.

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